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Technology and the Changing Educational Paradigm

The March 2013 issue of Educational Leadership – EL – was devoted to Technology–Rich Learning. Of particular interest to me was an article by Will Richardson – Students First, Not Stuff: putting technology first – simply adding a layer of expensive tools on top of the traditional curriculum – does nothing to address the needs of modern learners. In this article he says that we are in what “portends to be the messiest, most upheaval-filled 10 years in education” – a time in which we need to rethink what we mean by learning, what it means to be literate, what it means to be educated, and what students need to know.,-Not-Stuff.aspx

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Richardson also spoke at TEDx Melbourne (2012) and wrote a TEDBook called Why School? How education must change when learning and information are everywhere. The question he asks us to address is – “What’s the value of school not that opportunities for learning without it are exploding all around us?” There is, he says an important, compelling answer to that question, but “it is most definitely not the same one we’ve been giving for the last 150 years.” (7/35)

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