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Celebrating NWCSI Schools – 2

The Evergreen Campus of Lynden Christian Schools 

Evergreen is offering a Spanish Immersion Program preschool through grade one. Here’s what they say:evergreen

“Along with our excellent traditional Christian education, Evergreen Christian offers a Spanish Immersion program in our Threes & Fours Preschool, Kindergarten and 1st grade classrooms. The program will grow by adding a grade each year. In middle school students will take some of their content courses in Spanish, to maintain their Spanish language skills, while still rotating classes with their traditional English classmates. This program is designed to immerse students in the Spanish language while maintaining a high-quality, Christ-centered education.

What is Immersion?

  • A research-based, proven method of educating children by immersing them in a second or “target” language so they become fully bilingual.
  • The classroom environment becomes the setting for language acquisition through core subject content instruction, educational discourse, and social interactions.

How does it work?

  • Students begin their immersion experience in preschool, kindergarten, or first grade. . .” Read more

You can view a video about immersion programs here.


Ellensburg Christian School

Ellensburg Christian students are practicing the virtue – the liturgy – of praying for the larger Christian education community. This is what I received during the Thanksgiving season.


Thank you ECS third grade students!


Mount Vernon Christian School           

On Nov 6, the Superintendent of Mount Vernon Christian tweeted:

 MVC worship team @cornwallchurch Skagit great message on forgiving and forgiveness #allaude #asweforgivedebtors


To lean more about the activities of MVCS as well as some highlights of the October teachers’ Convention follow the Superintendent.


Sunnyside Christian School             

 “Our Jr High Choir sang at Sunnyside’s First Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony last night! Thanks for sharing your talents with our community!”

sunnyside To see this post as well as others go Sunnyside’s Facebook page.


Oak Harbor Christian School

Read the Wednesday Note to see what is going on at OHCS.ohcs

Among many other things you will learn about – “Caroling at Harbor Towers:  K-6th grades will be walking to Harbor Towers to share much of our Christmas program with the residents on December 8th at 10 am.”



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