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“Schools That Change Communities”

“Schools That Change Communities” is a 58 minute documentary (2012) by Bob Gliner. The following is from the website  where you can also view the trailer:


“When we think about schools, it usually evokes images of places separated from the larger community, place where students go to learn. Occasionally during the school day students venture outside classroom walls to take field trips meant to enhance the academic rigor of their classroom experience, but the classr

oom as the primary vehicle for educational success remains largely unchallenged despite often questionable levels of achievement. Yet, a few public schools across the country are trying a differentpproach to engaging students in the learning process, using the community and neighborhoods where students live as classrooms – creating not only a different type of learning environment, but a different kind of student. Schools That Change Communities focuses on a diverse range of K-12 public schools in five states – Massachusetts, Maryland, South Dakota, Oregon, and California – that have the potential to refocus the national debate around the direction educational reform should take.”


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