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My aversion to cats is legendary.  I find their arrogant attitudes irritating and faith-trying.  I refuse to be their servants.  I refuse to fall into their “come serve me, human” demands.   I speed up when one’s crossing the road…

But kittens are so cute!  How can something so adorable and cuddly turn into something so demonic?  Every time a student brings that batch of kittens for show-and-tell I coo like everyone else and snuggle up with the snuggle-able little balls of fur.  They’re so…well, cute.  And needy.  I guess they appeal to my heart’s desire to protect the weak and helpless.  For the record, any runt of any litter of any animal is likely going to get my heart’s attention.

I watched one of my little “runts of the litter” this week playing on the playground.  She’s too small to get up on the zip-line thingy.  She needs help getting up on the monkey bars.   She can’t keep up with the others running around because her little legs, no matter how hard she churns, just don’t have the stride.  But she never gives up.

But she’s not alone.  She’s picked up and hoisted by kids not much bigger than she is so she gets a shot at the playground stuff.  Bigger kids will sling her onto their backs and hunch their way across the playground, never really noticing the minimal weight.  She’s well cared for.   If you need proof, look at the smile that she’s got right now looking over the shoulder of the big 7th grader she’s riding like a jockey in the Kentucky Derby.

No child left behind, for sure.

That’s my view today.  Family, friends, fellowship…all wrapped up in one little package on the back of a boy who deems his worldview is not complete without helping out a little friend.

On another note, just so you don’t think everything is always so warm and fuzzy here in the far north, I was encouraged to share a piece of wisdom I’d learned a while back.  Girls may not get this one, so feel free to stop reading if you don’t share the deficient Y-chromosome.  Free advice:  If you get the chance to say “good morning” to a little boy in the middle of doing his business in the bathroom, don’t.  Wait till he’s finished, or he will turn around and return the greeting.  And now your job just got a bit messier…

Jim Buss, Principal Ebenezer Christian School


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