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Working to Make Curriculum Maps Dynamic

Working with a K – 12 staff to make the maps a dynamic tool in curriculum development:


In October, each staff member reviewed maps from three other schools. They needed to share what they learned in their review with three other staff members and then post their insights on our professional growth Google site. It appears the staff appreciated the diversity of the maps and have a better understanding of how our maps fit our school. This month we will work to update the maps we have in place. The goal this year is to make sure we have accurate maps. Next year, we will work on applying the Common Core State Standards to the maps.

Tim Visser, Shoreline Christian 

Submitted on 2013/11/11 at 3:28 pm


Attributes of a Healthy Learner

Our junior and senior high students have expressed concern over their workloads and subsequent stress levels. To address this, the staff has implemented a homeroom at the end of the day. The students place homework they have received in each class on the board. This allows every student to review their planner and gives a staff member the opportunity to intervene should workloads appear excessive. We also have a test and project calendar that we share in the hopes that we can spread out more high stakes work.

The system still does not address individual student learners. As a result, we have gone back to the drawing board. Using the LCC model, we are attempting to identify the attributes of a healthy learner in our school. Data is being collected in homerooms, and each class at the end of block days collects individual student responses to frustration levels in that class. Our goal is to identify the attributes of a “healthy” learner, use the data we have collected to see how it matches up against the attributes we have identified, determine adjustments for those who struggle with their “health” and maintain those who are “healthy.” Finally we will retest to see if the changes we make stick.

Tim Visser – Shoreline Christian

Submitted on 2013/11/11 at 3:51 pm


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