working together so learners can flourish

To date, five of our NWCSI schools have received ‘training’ in Learner-Centered Collaborative practices (otherwise know as professional learning communities) through the partnership of Alta Vista and Seattle Pacific University, supported by a Murdock grant. Those schools include: Lynden, Oak Harbor, Monroe, Everett, and Bellevue. And now, thanks to residual grant funds (the grant expired in August), two more of our schools (Ellensburg and Shoreline) are engaged in an exploration of LCC practices via Edmodo.

A few years ago, Jan Brown (SPU) and I (Elaine Brouwer, Alta Vista), decided to write an online course to enable us to spread learning regarding LCC practices for Christian schools beyond geographical limitations. That ‘course’ is now being piloted with Shoreline and Ellensburg via Edmodo. The pilot is a blended learning experience with five face-to-face meetings and work done online. The learning experience is packaged in 10 modules with activities in each module building to a culminating project, which is a plan to grow a school-wide Learner-Centered Collaborative culture for student growth in their own school. Participants access the modules on Edmodo and use the posting function to reflect on their learning and to dialogue with each other. With the help of Shoreline and Ellensburg, we hope to refine the ‘course’ and consider how we might offer the learning experience to more of our NWCSI schools and perhaps Christian schools across North America (big dreams!).

Here’s the question for us. Since seven of our NWCSI schools have been or are engaged in a learning experience in which they build a common vocabulary and common understanding of the possibilities of using LCC practices to promote mission and vision shaped student growth – How can we leverage this common experience to encourage each other to sustain the work, to learn from each other, and to spread the learning?

There is an incredible opportunity here not to be missed!

elaine brouwer


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